Chicken Plucker De-Feather Chicken Plucker Machine Quail Plucker Stainless Steel 180W for 1 LBS Pigeon

500000 CFA

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  • 🐤The hair outlet quickly discharges the removed feathers, which is convenient for cleaning and keeps the items tidy. Specially prepared for quail, chicks, and pigeons. Our main drawing shows young chickens that are particularly suitable for our low-power hair removal machine.
  • 🐤A waterproof switch prevents the danger of electric shock when encountering water during use and improves the safety rate. Take off up to 500g of poultry at one time.
  • 🐤The poultry hair remover is made of beef tendon sticks, with wide burrs, fast scaling, no fouling, and quick feather removal.
  • 🐤The automatic rotation force of 350 revolutions per minute speeds up the work process, saves time and improves user efficiency.
  • 🐤The stainless steel material will not rust or corrode so that the items can be used for a long time. The handles on both sides are easy to move, and the four hard rubber corners play a shock-absorbing effect.